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Vehicles/Astroneer clipping/ and other stuff.

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Large rover falling through the ground on save load in. Astroneer clipping into ground while walking.


To make a long story short. I made a new base on the other side of Terra, and I am in the process of making an elaborate network of mining tunnels. And it seems the more you do these things and you load back in from the last save, it takes a while for things around you to load in. And my last save from yesterday was in my large rover on a ramp I made going under ground, and when I load up today it just feel straight down with me still in the seat. I know people have had this happen before but its seems to get worse the more terrain you add or remove from the world. 

Plus with this new update I have been experiencing a lot of clipping into the ground with the Astroneer. It happens when I am walking while using the terrian tool in various ways. It doesn't kill me but I will be about waist high into the ground. 

Also every time you travel somewhere other then you original home base in shuttle. When you exit it pops you out in the air above the shuttle or out the side of the shuttle. This is a good way to fall to your death if the landing zone was on the side of a chasm or like on Exotic I landed 10 ft from the edge of the upper ground and the game had to maifest a clump of ground to land on, then popped out the side when exiting and feel to my death. This type of exiting is happening to me at my new base on Terra, when i exit my habitat or rover. The only place it doesn't do this is your original base you start at.  

And now off to save my large rover! Well try to lol

Xbox One


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I just had this happen to me as well. This is an older post but still seems to be a relevant issue. i was driving and stopped to get out and grap an unknown object when all off a sudden the rover started flopping like a fish, landanded on top of me and dragged myself and 4 other connected rovers to the center of the world. dead, inventory lost, rovers lost and no way to know how to avoid this issue again


I should add this is the pc version

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