Consider a Patch Notes forum with threads

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You guys (the moderator team/devs), would probably have a better go at dealing with patch notes if you did the following:

1) Create a new Forum group called "Patch Notes"

2) For each beta and live patch you create, create a NEW thread.

3) Use prefixes/tags of like [beta] [live] [xbobs] [windows].

4) LOCK the base forum, but ALLOW responses to each patch thread.

What this does is allow for a much more organized list of all patches, and their notes.And you can easily split based on platform if you need too (like an xbone only patch, or windows only patch). It also allows people to comment specifically on those patches, while keeping the forum category 'clear' of random nonsense new threads. It would be the GO TO location to read up on whats new and/or changed with the game. Also allows people to 'follow' the forum for new postings to be alerted. Its early access, people need their patch note fix! ;)

This is how its done elsewhere and is successful. Please consider it here as well moving forward. (you can ignore the steam forums, because those are useless)

Having a 'mega thread' of garbage, endlessly spewing, with unrelated comments filling pages of pages, and more notes jambed in makes it a ripe nightmare to follow. It also makes it impossible to 'watch' for new note threads, because you keep editing a post, instead of making a new thread.


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Lot of games do it that way. Its just cleaner for them to manage as well. I dont see it done AS much on steam forums, maybe due to how bad steam forums are to moderate.

Few decent examples without tripping the spam filter lol:

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