Lists of Suggestions (Buildings, Modules, Health, damage, Upgrades, and more!)


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Alignment mod for horizontal terrain
Power should visually go through tethers to you, instead it stops at the posts.
save and exit button in menu
View distance meter and current should be "medium" or "normal"
back pack upgrades to hold 1-2 more slots or to hold more oxygen and power in the actual back pack
you should heal much slower, and longer before you start to heal, but you can build some sort of Health station
"Large" battery, that maybe takes 4-5 lithium or you upgrade a medium battery to hold not only hold more but it is over all cheaper to build 1 large than 2 mediums yet same capacity
"Large" storage for the base as in maybe a cube, or flat and double decked,
Large storage on vehicles with more slots but no room for research items
More things to hurt you such as another plant or if you go without power for a while
hurt you if stuff drops on your head, such as research
some sort of level type of device to measure
habitat only has limited oxygen(in rate or capacity) and you must make a machine which pulls it from air, or through electrolysis or something
food creation so you must eat like say once a day and once a night
trees need diversity in research as it seems all the trees of one area will have the same two or three research pods.
trees should de-spawn after they are up rooted.
fuel should have a trade value, obviously not like it was, but maybe the same as coumpound.
make titanium and lithium more expensive to duplicate potentially?
organic shouldn't be able to trade for ammonium. that's extremely broken, a few organic and you get infinite fuel.

large platform without building so you can just have a platform to put storage

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