Several Bugs, [Video included](Sound cut off, View Distance, Problems Flattening Terrain, Power, Weather)


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The video is only like 3 minutes long but it was still to big to upload here so the google drive link to the video is below:


List of Shown bugs:

Audio cutout on digging
Turning flat terrain bumpy
Flat ground unable to fill in holes

Extension to base moving on hills

View Distance, even on ultra, is not enough

Says no power when there is still a little bit left

continue digging for a few seconds with modules after it says no power

Storm blocks in the Valley even though the storm was on the opposing side of the mountain

Power can't in between bases connect via tethers

List of Un-recorded bugs:

Audio cutout on flame animation for not having room to hold soil.
Flat ground making stair steps

Character would turn around when digging a tunnel.(the tunnel did continued straight though)

sometimes ,no matter how hard you try, there is no way to stop sliding.

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