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I really love the first 2-3 hours of gameplay, but once your base is established there isn't much left to do.

I'm sure the developers are kicking around ideas for the beta/launch, but something small in the meantime would be great to keep engagement.


A few suggestions:

  • Make an overall quest to escape the solar system.
    • Example: Need to recover a special rocket engine from a mountain top on Terran using a winch, which forces you to build a drive able pathway to the peak
    • Example: Need to mine Helium-3 from super deep caves on the moon.
    • Once you successfully fly away, you get a nice little congratulation screen.
  • Make some research only unlockable on other planets to force you off Terran.
    • Example: Can only unlock the oxygen tank with research items found on the moon.


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I agree with an end game goal. Exiting the solar system makes sense.Maybe being able to salvage tech from the wreckage you find on planets to build a large rocket.This would force you to explore the planets for parts/tech to build what you need for the large rocket.

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