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This is not my idea, I think Z1 mentioned it in one of his Videos but, we need a launchpad for the Shuttle, perhaps you could make it so you build a Cargo Bay (Vehicle Bay) and then have a research you can get to upgrade it to a Launchpad. Yeah you would have to build multi Cargo Bay's so you can still build and upgrade your rovers, but this adds challenge and depth to the game. Also, some things that you can build or add to should require a structure research and upgrade. Example, you wouldn't just find and research the large rover, you would also be required to upgrade the Cargo Bay (Vehicle) as well, which would be another research you would have to find.

I won't to add this, I know the team is working on a research upgrade. I hope you have a tree of sorts in mind, and that some items will truly only be available on different planets.


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I like the different planets containing certain research unlocks you brought up. I had something similar in mind. Today I excavated my own moon (barren) and came across nothing but research. I'm pretty far into my research tree so I don't have a lot left to unlock, but out of 7 research items I had 5 filters and 2 power cells. For a moon that only has (that I've seen) research articles and laterite around, it sure didn't provide me with a trip I felt was worth while.

Moon rocks on a barren moon such as mine might be a cool idea. They might only capable of unlocking the specific research available to be found on the moon, or maybe that specifically and a boost to some terran researched items.. just a thought. The same could be done with other or certain other planets.

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