Colony System

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Colony System
I appologize ahead of time if this has already been suggested or is already planned.  This has also been posted on the steam suggestion forum for the game to increase exposure and gather more feedback.

SInce this game will not involve combat as it will be a family friendly title, I would like to see some kind of colony system put into it. Explore, terraform, mine, and colonize planets. Construct community buildings for npc colonist such as housing, bio domes, hydroponic farms, etc. More advanced structures would require resources that are only found on certain types of planets, which would encrouage the player to explore, expand, and establish new colonies. There could be random events/disasters like those found in most sim games to add to the challenge. 

A labor system could also be included. As your population grows, you could assign a certain number of colonist to different jobs. Those job options would be determined by the buildings/machines you have constructed. Farms, atmospheric processors, engineers/repair crews, resource collectors/processors, researchers, transporters, etc. Trade routs could even be established between planets to provide needed resources from one planet to another.

So the initial setup for the base/colony would be identical to the current start of the game. It would be up to the player to gather construction materials and build/design the initial base on each planet. But once the base is able to sustain colonist, they could be called down from cryo in a mothership or from a home planet or whatever. It would be up to the player to provide/protect that colony through labor division, infrastructure, and defenses from the elements.

Regarding multiplayer/dedicated servers. Players could establish trade deals between their colonies as well. There could be a faction system where players could be a part of the same colony, in a coop fashion like it is now, but there could also be players a part of another colony that you could interact with.

I've been playing around with this game off and on for about 10 months and these are some of the things that have come to mind that I would love to see in the game. These features would make the game quite addicting and give it a TON of replay value, especially on multiplayer dedicated servers.

Please voice your thoughts on this as I would love to hear peoples opinions. Only constructive criticism please though.

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I think the idea with the natural events is a good idea such as ice storms, electrical storms, maybe a tornado. I've noticed that even on the tundra planet I get hit and killed by boulders not ice (they're stronger gusts than at Terran which shows different storm types on the way? hopefully) and the Arid planet has spiky balls which made me chuckle.

Maybe even have some of the storms uncover resources at times.

High wind storms could knock out wind turbines and need cause for repair or replacement. I do think there needs to be something associated with wind turbines and the wind storms we get now. Could even make a cool little effect like the top comes flying off the turbine or something. To me there's something missing when the turbines don't move at all during a wind storm, but you can hardly move in it.

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