since the new update the game crashed

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if the large shuttle is landing on Tundra the game crashed in Space and goes back to the desktop.
64 Bit windows 10 pro 15063.674
CPU I7-6700 k
Grafik Geforce GTX 970


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It should not crash however, when you dig or interact (Build, Place, Make, Remove, Run, Delete) with elements in the game, the game will make changes to such classes in the code to make the game run, as such the more changes you make the more you have to recover when you land, the planet has nothing on it in space, but when the large shuttle lands all information is recovered, or attempted to be recovered in a few seconds, this can cause the game to have some trouble and in turn crash, so you either have a lot of changes you made to your environment or the game can't handle something.


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