Astronium Reactor

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Crudely made Illustration provided (Left: Reactor Module(large); Right: Enriched Astronium(medium))

Of course, it's always a good time to leave a suggestion for the game (even if you're a moderator). And it's always even better to leave something fresh here. Oh! and to leave a good suggestion format for any other user to use

Astronium Reactor

Reactor Module

  • Recipe: not sure
  • Crafted at: Upgraded Platform
  • Tier: 3 (Large Module)
  • Type: Power Generator

This module are made using whatever material suit it, will use a medium sized Enriched Astronium (always seen astronium as a nuclear material considering how rare it is anywhere else, and how common it is on radioactive planet). It would of course following the 4x/8x rule will generate 4 times as much as the coal generator would (2 bars/8 units per seconds), and would last 640 ticks/second (10+ minutes), means it will generate a total of 1280 bars of power.

fun fact: The fuel condenser consumes 16 bars of power for every cycle and it takes about 4 cycle to fill one canister of hydrazine, from the power generated by the reactor, exactly 20 canister of hydrazine can be manufactured in one reactor cycle

Enriched Astronium

  • Recipe: 2 Astronium
  • Crafted at: Medium Printer
  • Tier: 2 (Medium Module)
  • Type: Special / Fuel Resource

This one would be used by the Reactor Module as it's consumables to generate power. The 4 green bars on it's side will indicate how much of the Astronium has been spent, each one of it's green bar will grey out for every 25% of itself used. Like any other nuclear material leave a weak green glow that is visible at night. There is however a surprise left once you spent the Enriched Astronium 

Nuclear Waste

  • ???: ???

Here's the catch, while the powerful Reactor can be utilized however you want, instead of leaving away the astronium in a puff of smoke, the tube used to hold the Enriched Astronium will instead be left as it is. You would however, need to find a way to dispose of it, either by blasting it away into the space, or throw it into a hole and bury it. Of course there will be an unintended result of an irreversible damage to the soil within 50 to 80 years from now. Good thing you have a protective suit, or otherwise you'll get cancer from the radioactive exposure. 

Can't have a powerful nuclear reactor without having a valuable lesson about the environment


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Great suggestion format Lithium:D

Okay, so instead of the enriched Astronium, how about we treat it the same way we do hydrazine now?

Harvested Astronium must now be "processed". Simply place it in the new hydrazine refinery, and it will fill up your canisters with enriched Astronium. Then it is the same process, just place them into the Reactor and get tons of energy. BUT WAIT, what are the side effects? Well after the enriched astronium is used up, your canister is also used up. So you better have a lot of resin on hand.

Enriched Astronium

  • Recipe: 1 "Raw" Astronium and 1 Canister 
  • Crafted/Refined at: Hydrazine Refinery 
  • Tier: 1 (Small nugget)
  • Type: Fuel Resource
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