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The underlined words are the main thing

A bag pack box that is made from titanium that adds more inventory space

Re-build-able crashed spaceship

Hover rover

A build-able dome from the habitat

jet pack that takes up the entire bag pack space and some oxygen to go longer with tethers

meteors that you can land on in a small shuttle and collect rare resources from. and meteor showers(can blow up like TNT when it hits the planet)


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a thought

 make a specific Storage item to hold the terrains tools extra equipment

 1) the storage item would only hold the terrains tools items such as the augment , boost, narrow, wide  etc...

   A) the storage unit would need to be made out of an element similar to titanium or lithium  because of the special nature of the transfer of the augments capability though the tethers to the terrain tool .   An augment tool in the rack back at the main base  would be able to be selected and a ghost image would be projected on the terrain tool  allowing the terrain tool to now  use the capabilities normally of the augment tool . But the item would remain back at the base  in the rack .

  B) if some one were to remove the Augment from the special rack it would not be able to be selected by another person  while on the tether  ( a color could surround the augment if it has been selected  by some one down the tether line)

  C) the special rack could be put on a large storage rack and transported on a vehical  providing the same capability as if it was at the base.


  2) to keep the special rack from getting over powered it would only operate on a single tether . If the tether were to attempt to be connected to a location that has multiple extended from the  area that the rack resides it would not function. 

   A) a single tether pack worth of tethers  would be the max range of the special rack could transfer the capabilities down.

    B) canister filling of sediments would not work on the special rack.

    C) one special rack per person,  If there are multiple persons on the tether line then the special rack would not work.


This ideal is not something that would work well in the current level of game but might fit in for a later iteration of the game .

 this is ment to free up some of the storage of the player to carry other things on the backpack or the terrain tool without sacrificing the capability of the player to use the augments that would help them in the field.

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