Ideas/suggestions for content, physics, PVP and NPC and more

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Suggestions from an embarrassingly experienced hobbyist game tester.
One of the best pre-alpha games I've had the pleasure of playing, and I've played a lot of them.
Somehow potential still lurks behind every rock and plant, in every cave and on every planet!

Let me throw some ideas to see if any of them bounce :)

Sorry about the lack of explanatory pictures, I'm terrible at drawing.. and I want these ideas to help the game evolve into something great, not something specific.
Sorry about the long read.

Variety in Death Animations
This doesn't happen when you die instantly. When I managed to get hit by my first square-boulder-storm and still had to watch the "dying slowly" animation... Very disappointed. But great Early Access Launch Trailer.


A way to delete saves
I assume that its either coming soon or that I just can't find it because its not very intuitive, but I know I haven't found a way to delete saves any menus yet.

New building system, plz?
Give each standing structure an inner and outer radius for constructing other structures between, and let the player put out the node structures that can be upgraded with a ground target system like the terrain-tool has. If the inner circle is larger then the largest structure the node can be upgraded to this will help fix the problem with overlapping structures. The ability to remove structures would also be nice you know..

NPC content
Lets talk about the natives. The planets have plant-life, but they could surely use some critters to feed off the plants, and perhaps even some local sentient lifeforms?

Evolution?(90% of the time I make this suggestion for every game I see it could fit into)
Evolving lifeforms would be especially awesome and would result in . I'm thinking about simple creatures with a neural network with a low maximum of neurons that start out with a basic ability to find plants, consume plants(yeah those would also need to be replenished somehow), and reproduce. When reproducing these young creatures would have a small chance to be mutated versions of their parents or parent, with a possibility to have some new neuron, or a change to the current ones. Changes to input and output neurons would also result in small visual changes to creature. (No I'm not a developer and have no idea if this is at all possible to introduce into the game, but there must be some reason to why Systemera can still be the first to introduce evolution as a feature in a game like this.)

The Local Factions
The astroneers may or may not come in peace, but do the locals want them there anyway, and do they even agree about it?
What I am thinking about is something akin to introducing a RTS element driven by AI (Again a situation where concepts of evolution could be taken into the picture, muhaha), where the Astroneers and their bases are dropped into an environment where groups of NPCs work together AND against each other for dominance of their own planet. Each group controlled by different AIs with different "personalities". When the Astroneers encounter a member of a "Faction" NPC could observe the Astroneer's actions, and those actions could determine whether the Faction likes the Astroneer or not.
Example: If the NPC is observing the Astroneer collect a resource that its Faction values, the NPC could perceive it as stealing and become hostile. If the Astroneer drops a resource at the NPC's feet for it to pick up it either takes it as a gift(If the Faction values the resource), or as an insult(If the Faction considers the resource useless), or an attack(If the Faction considers the resource poisonous or dangerous). The emotes could also be used for NPC-diplomacy.

If a Faction learns the location of the Astroneer's base, and is or becomes hostile they could build an army and attack it like they would any hostile Faction.
If The faction on the other hand becomes "Allies" with the astroneer they could send trading parties or give the astroneer and his/her base protection against hostile Factions for a price.

One must have the ability to build defenses and weapons to protect against attacks from hostile Factions.

Needs More Needs
So Astroneers live purely on oxygen right now..
Hunger, thirst and food system would be a nice addition to it as a survival game(urgh, maybe even a sleep need).

Hunger and thirst animations instead of hunger and thirst bars.
When the Astroneer gets extremely thirsty or hungry moves more slowly to the point where the Astroneer starts collapsing and eventually only gets to crawl for a while before dying of hunger or thirst.
Don't know if a sleep need would even fit into the game at all, but one can hope.

Structures and Tools
    • Small(1-slot) and(2-slot) Large sentry-gun upgrade that has some energy capacity that is spent when firing, the sentry-gun has slots where ammunition or energy-related upgrades can be placed.
    • Small and Large Shield Generators that consume energy and negates damage dealt to whatever it is placed on.
    • Small and Large Repair Modules that consumes energy to restore hit-points of structures it is placed on.
    • Tool Printer Structure - Can be used to craft hand-held weapons or tools
    • Printable gifts for NPCs that must be researched first(yeah I have no idea what that might be, but hey they're aliens so could be anything).
    • Astroneer-Powered Generators
    • Food Printer Structure that can use different types of resources to make different types of tube-foods(Yeah that would probably mean splitting the "Organic" resource into different types or resources wouldn't it?)
    • Living-area Structure that must be researched, just a place for the Astroneers to take their helmets off, decorate and rest their feet.
    • Terraformer Structure that must be built from several parts that must all be researched and constructed individually. The ultimate tool for slowly exterminating all those hostile Factions and critters (Unless they evolve to breathe whatever can be found inside an astroneer's helmet.. hmmm).
    • Murder-remote(aka gun), a tool for killing NPCs, critters or hostile astroneers(Wait what? A PVP-mode? Why didn't I think of that?) at a distance.
    • 4-slot Manned-Machine Gun upgrade.. Like the sentry-gun, but larger and more damage.. Also not functional without manual action from operating Astroneer.
    • Farm-Structure, for growing different kinds of food in.. duh.
    • Handheld "Potato-Gun" Tool, perfect for planting pretty much anything(small enough to fit) into terrain efficiently from a distance. Deals minimal damage.
    • Teleportation structure that can be linked up to other teleportation structures for near-instant travel(Or maybe it just makes a copy of you at a remote location before destroying the original you?).
    • 1-slot Rocket Upgrades that must be researched. Consumes fuel and can be used to increase speed of vehicles, or to give the Astroneer the joy of temporary flight when mounted on both sides of backpack.

There is already co-op.. why not allow several players to join a server, form alliances, make friends and shoot at each-other with potato-guns?
Player joins a friend's game(or a game one of the player's friends is in), gets to chose an faction or create a new one(up to 4?). Each faction starts at different locations(Not too far from each-other) and can form alliances, make enemies and trade, much like the Factions mentioned earlier.

There are already Squared-Boulder-Storms roaming the planets, lets make it rain!
I don't know how much of a strain it would be on the performance of a game, but I've seen it before.. Dynamic water! Anyone?.. No?...
Water that flows down-hill, slowly dries up and is created when it rains, who doesn't want that?

Un-Movable Rocks
One of the big elephants in the room in my opinion. Is it a bug? Why Can't I remove the rocks from my perfectly flat base? (Is Physics even the correct category for this?)
So being able to pick up rocks like one picks up a resource(lump?), or the research-ball-thingeys would be nice.
Maybe even make a tool for turning the rocks into some kind of resource?

When walking down a steep hill you sometimes start sliding. Awesome, i made myself a roller-coaster.. But it the astroneer keeps sliding forever after reaching flat terrain.
If the astroneer has too much speed, why not make him/her tumble and fall on his/her face when hitting a large enough bump or reaching the bottom of the hill (terrible idea if it feels too clumsy, but its an idea.)?
Also,  a way to slow down a bit would be nice(rocket upgrades anyone?).

Mom, i made wall of text..

Thanks for reading! :)

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