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The Best Game I Ever Played!

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I tip my hat to the developers for making a great game. I love Astroneer because it's visually pleasing, simple yet deep in construction of modules with functions and... more is coming, all the astroneers are cute and fun to play as. I must've played each one countless times with each updated release. The game, in part, reminds me of the movie "The Martian" with Matt Damon. I saw this movie and loved it too, but when I found out about Astroneer and how, to me, it played slightly similar to it... I was over the moon, figuratively speaking.

There's something about Astroneer that is tranquil in nature, visually soothing. The music adds to this tranquility.

Thank you System Era for making, and continue to improve, a great game that easily could win game of the year.


Sorry for the fanboy speak... this truly is a Great Game!

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