Things I'd Like To See: Maps, Missions

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With 180 pages of suggestions, these might well have already been mentioned... but anyway:

1 - I'd like a map of the planet I'm on, showing my current position and the locations of all my active habitats. If it also showed beacon locations and colours, that would be a big plus (plus seeing where your corpse is, when you get killed). Maybe the map could show surface features (mountains, canyons, etc.) starting off blank and filling in as you explore the planet.

2 - Maybe there could be "mission" (quest) items - something that you find that contains a clue that starts off a chain of tasks that you can perform to receive some extra-special bit of equipment or a plan for the printer, for example, that you couldn't get any other way.

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Navigational aids such as an overlay for may be conflicting with the game's design, which has a rule of not using a 2D overlay (exception for the menu screen). Implementing maps may be difficult.

But for quest... now that should be interesting... I do wish for story elements and mission to be a part of the game once they got to the alpha stages.

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