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3 hours ago, Torgado said:


Would love to be able to use the mouse wheel to adjust the height of placed hubs (in ghost, pre-placement step.)

That, or clicking/pressing and holding when building allows you to adjust the height. 

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Hi guys!

I really like the ideas I read here, I thought I was the only one with flattening problems haha!

May I suggest a tool where you see a ghost cube form, and everything in that square get sucked in? it would make flattening alot easier I believe :)
Perhaps pre-made structures could also be added, they could be made by a station? like the station to make vehicles and so on.. it would be awesome to use pre-made structures as seen in the 'Halo' forge option or like the 'Fallout 4' settlements :)

I like the game so far, but once you explore one big cave, you kinda have everything researched and the purpose of the game is kind of completed, hehe.. Since making a base is such a hassle (Tethers going through walls is not appealing, and  I hate wobly walls).. Implementing lifeforms and combat could also be worthwile to play! :)

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On 12/22/2016 at 4:30 PM, Elfusan said:

I support the request. It'd be nice to see a highlight of real position of platform, not only the half-way glowing extension .

THIS. +1000

Also, let us move modules! Keep the same connection, fine. Even same distance limt, sure. The connections look flexible though so let us bloody move them around, so we can say have things right next to each other, or move it, change height, move it back.

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I have a love/hate relationship with the flattening tool. It is very useful but can get me pretty frustrated too. The fact that I can see small differences in the ground even after attempting multiple times to COMPLETELY smooth it out I can never get it perfect.

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