Ability to destroy modules, habitats, vehicles and etc.

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+1 I've created several rovers due to losing some and then retrieving them that now just act as batteries at my base. Rather than destroy, we could break them down in to recyclable materials to use again.

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On 12/22/2016 at 0:54 PM, Just_Red_Fox said:

I think that players must have ability to destroy their creations, because they may want to rebuild their bases. Also I had very interesting bug with shuttle and habitat(I'll post about it in "Bugs & crashes".

Yes please!

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On 2.1.2017 at 2:39 PM, Sproket said:


to disconnect/re-position everything and anything. Storage units on the back of a truck, your original habitat unit, any connecting pods, etc. Everything should be something that can be pulled apart and moved and reconnected. Just like you'd be able to do in a real environment.


That's what bothered me the most in my 'first playthrough' of Astroneer: Once something ist placed (smelter, bay, fuel, etc), it stays there forever. After my 3rd or 4th try, I know how I want things placed and it might not be such a big issue anymore. Nevertheless, the ability to disconnect them and place them elsewhere would be great.

... to stay on topic: +1 for the  idea of farming/destroying already built structures/equipment/tools and getting material back (however, you shouldn't get back the equal amount of material you've used to build it).

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