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Hello all!

I would like to ask for forgivness for my terrible English. ;9

So the IDEA.

Basicly, we could craft some kind of mini station that we could send in to the space.

We could travel to it and would have an interior.

The spacestation would have a computer,some kind of interface for: 

  • Required resources for spacestation upgrade
  • Intergalactical Trading(with otherplayers or aliens)
  • Achievements/Milestones
  • Discoveries
  • Different kind of information about planets like fauna,resources(Example Titanium:Medium,Compound:High)
  • Spacesuit,backpack customization

The upgrades would give:

  • -Bigger storage(Mining bases on the planets would store the resources here and we could call a drone like the trading station that we need compound or coal from the spacestation storage)
  • -Some kind of telescope(Would give information about the planets fauna,resources,flora,weather,radiation,classification,rating)
  • -Garage(Spaceship customization,epic upgrades on the spaceship needed to be done on spacestation)
  • -Better interior,bigger,customizable(Trophies on the planets we could place in the rooms)
  • Bigger solar panels(We need more energie for bigger spacestation)
  • More durable shield(Against Asteroids,radiation,Spacestorms)

Mini quests like an asteroid hit the solar panel, your charachter manually need to repair it so you need to go out and repair it,while your charachter could get hit by debris.

Thanks for the reading,I hope it gives some good ideas for the people and the devs

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Great ideas, I like them all, especially EVA outside the spacestation. I already like the shuttle/spaceship in orbit mechanics of the game, adding the spacestation with a spacewalk would be legit addition!

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