Windows 10 - Alienware Alpha 2 - Game does not save.

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I just bought the game, and it seems like fun. However, my game is not saving, and I do not get any blue pods for saved game on main menu.

- I tried restarting

- I tried reinstall

- I found posts about file c/user/(username)/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved...... When i looked I did not have this path so I actually created them, but no help.


Thanks for your help, as the game is fun, but I cannot play it anymore without saving.




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Are you disconnected from the internet or firewall is blocking the game? On the Windows 10 Store version of the game we have a bug that you are unable to save when the game cannot access connected storage.

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So I turned my firewall off, and as I am sending you this email I am connected to the internet. The game still does not save. However, you are right I did buy the game from the Windows store. Please find work around cause the game really is unplayable till you can save.


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i am one of these people who bought the game on windows store and cant save it. If anyone knows the fix please let us know.

I can install, play, save while playing, but the game does not save.

Also the game is not here: - I found posts about file c/user/(username)/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved. 

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So I solved this problem myself yesterday. 

When I bought this game I never really used the windows store for anything so I did some digging. I found that the windows store, apps, games, and Xbox stuff were all disabled on my computer. I enabled them via settings in control panel and I have been fine since.

Also if any Devs read this just some suggestions if I may,

Can you add: 

- Some sort of Torch so we can see in caves.

- Maybe some sort of elevator

- A truck part for the front.... maybe call it Plow that can true level the ground for making roads.

- A conveyor for moving resources to the surface

- A Home/Large scale storage for resources

- A Glider for jumping off mountains and the such for fun

- Larger scale printer and items that require multiple types of resources to build.

- Some sort of End Game activity as in what is our guy's or girl's purpose in life??? Is he a Pioneer/Astroneer looking for resources for his home world that ran out? Did he get lost and is trying to get home? 

- And finally a grappling hook for climbing ie:  think Bionic Commando 





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