Framerate drops as you explore

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I play on Xbox One. The game runs real buttery at the beginning. Once you really start to branch out on the map the framerate will gradually drop until the game is virtually unplayable. The controls become even spongier, which makes it challenging to navigate the map.

One thing that characterizes this aside from the lag is this really loud hissing noise when youre connected to your tethers, which becomes a constant annoyance

Another one is that the game will freeze for about 30 seconds when you pick up a tether while it reestablishes the framerate (extremely similar to the freezing that occurs when you get in a vehicle)

Loving the game! One of my favorite games ever. Keep up the good work .

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I started a playthrough last night where I didn't use any tethers.  It was difficult in the beginning but eventually built up my base.  I can go explore really far in my truck/rover train and hardly experience performance drops.  Try a fresh game without tethers and see if that works for you.

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