SES Vlog 020: Super Exciting Not Boring Tech Demo

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Will this change the distance that we can have rendered objects at? Usually use the location of the tethers as a sight point if I get lost under caves 
"Gak... running out of oxygen... where did I put that... blue cable.."

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@GoldenOuroboros The basic idea is to not render all the objects out of your sight which are "useless" given your current location. I am sure that you will see your blue cable at the moment your face is getting the same color :). However, the base on the other side of the planet, or even on another planet, does not have to be visible and animated while you are suffocating 10 floors underground.

Looking forward to the next update. And @GoldenOuroboros: good luck finding the oxygen. You can make it! :D

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