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Using Astronium as the resource to build a droid/drone is great idea to make it a little harder to get.

On 12/28/2016 at 8:05 PM, Blood_Hawk23 said:

wow this one has grown. Here is a bump. 

here is another idea for a drone. It seems a lot of us are thinking on the same lines.



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...and he needs a name:  M.A.R.C. One (Multi App Robotic Companion)  was accidentally sucked out of an airlock while trying to decide what shade the surrounding space actually was.  It was reported to have emitted a small series of beeps that sounded oddly like "Prreeeeeeettttttyyyy..." before vaporizing out of existence.  M.A.R.C. Two entered a strange green pulsating portal and is rumored to be serving as a chip dip dispenser for one, Rick Sanchez.  M.A.R.C. Three attained full sentience, and deciding that there is more to life than robotic subservience, went on tour with Beyonce as a back-up singer.  M.A.R.C. IV (Because, hey, Roman Numerals are sexy) had his restraining bolt firmly welded and is ready for service...

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I really like this idea. I hate to say this as with all that it seems nerfed enough, but they could nerf it if it makes anything a little too easy in that you can only have 1-2 active at a time, or they could make it have a battery life before you have to attach it to your backpack. I feel that you should be able to attach them to spots. They could also have a smaller version that can fit in your backpack with only one slot, or they could make it require a locator attached to your side holders. You could also have a mode similar to battery mode where it carries a solar panel (what kind depending on the size)

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I was thinking it would look like this from a bird's eye view. Pardon the terrible drawing, I'm not used to doing it virtually and I lacked Sketchup to create a 3D model.


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the idea is cool, but a bit overpowerd if you ask me, i would say a rather cool design btw like a flying space creature. 

Instead of spawning with it it shoud send a signal so you can easily track your dead body, maybe some upgrades like: 3 lithium bigger storage+towing and then 2 lithium+4 aluminium to make it a 6 storage FLYABLE machine that is around rover size

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Tether Caddy Mode - You fit M.A.R.C. IV with a specialized tether harness accessory and as he follows you, he automatically drops tethers at their optimum range.

Boombox Mode - Fit him with an audio accessory and he plays music form the player's media collection, or from internet radio stations.  For flavour, it would be cool if it could play the podcasts from NASA Live.

Orbital Sensor Mode - When mounted in a docking station on a spaceship, he provides more info about drop site locations... IE. Available resources, biome info, hazards, etc...

Candid Mode - a small camera accessory that allows you to take specialized screenshots and selfies with your robotic buddy.

Portable Refinery Mode - a small accessory that allows you to convert one raw resource item to a manufactured one.  The process would be time consuming with a % chance of failure to keep it from being exploitable.

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I think drones should be implemented, but not as "useful" as op puts it. For instance, they shouldn't be able to go out and find stuff for the player. A little drone carrying an entire body or towing a large vehicle seems a little out of the ordinary. I also don't like the idea of it being able to tell you where minerals are. I think there should be a "ore locator" module or something, that would be a simple light that attaches to the drone, and flashes at a different rate whenever youre getting closer or farther from the mineral youre looking for. Imo it should be more like a helpful tool, and not a "do everything" companion

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+1 to any automation idea, droids are a great idea for this.  More goals within the game will make it more playable, and getting enough resources and items to build automation tools are a great way to extend its playability.

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On 12/22/2016 at 11:04 AM, Nowhereville said:

A low levitating robotic disc with a two slot attachment on top so you can swap in and out augments for it.  The droid has a default mode of simply following the player and you can use the two slots on top to store a couple of resources.

Or, you can slot in augments such as:

- Turret for offensive behavior

- Shield projector for defensive behavior

- Sniffer - you can attach one resource to it and the droid will lead you to the closest matching node, consuming the attached resource on arrival.  The droid would never get 5 or more paces ahead of the player.

- Tow mode... attach a winch to the top.

- Battery mode... attach a battery that will tether to the player

- O2 mode... attach an oxygen tank that will tether to the player

- Pack mule mode... attach an additional storage pad

On top of this, you could attach an AI Controller to the two snaps on the habitat module to convert the companion to a base droid:

- Roomba/Zamboni mode - the droid will flatten the terrain under all base modules to be the same level as the habitat, and clean any debris from storms

- Sentry mode - it will protect the base area

- Hearse mode - it will seek out the players corpse and return its backpack to the base

= Tow Truck mode - attach a winch to it and the droid will go out and tow back the nearest stranded vehicle

etc, etc.... you get the idea...

I love it!

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Augustus Mode - the droid follows behind the player in his vehicle, paving a flat road that follows his route.

Hadrian Mode - a base droid accessory that allows the droid to form a wall encompassing all the base structures.

Trader Mode - a base droid mode that allows for a two slot accessory, one input port and one output port.  The droid will continue to sell all items matching the resource attached to its input port for items matching the resource in its output port until it runs out of things to sell, or the storage attached to the trade depot is full.

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  • 10 months later...

well it could be that once you put a module on its permanently there and you can't change it

but that could be a difficulty setting

but i love the ide that you could use a drone to controle your rovers so they can follow you

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(i just realised this whole post is best read in an old-timey gold prospector voice. dang nabit!)

droids. mmmmm. you guys need to see other films as well as star wars.

i dont see them devs implementing any kind of floating object any time soon - they seem to have gone out of their way to avoid doing it so far (apart from the crazy floating resources, of course, but they're a bug, not a feature). tracked or wheeled transport and reaction rockets are the order of the day - and who here can seriously say they were able to get any useful action out of one of those found thrusters, mmm? (i once found NINE of those bad boys in the bottom of a cave once. nine. just piled them up and let them rust like the junk they are).

but i'm all for some additional help around the place - someone to help with the old fetch and carry would really take a load off. dont need no guard dog, dont need no builder or a butler or a 'wandering fully kitted base'. just need something i can load up and send back home, where it can dump it's stuff and get back to me without losing it's way or getting blown into orbit by a storm. simple and useful.

boys, what i need is a mule.


that is all.

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