Spacecraft, crane and large storage

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I managed to get the large spacecraft but you can take off any attachments and the crane doesn't pick up anything I have tired fabulous things but still nothin 

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Well, first the crane is mostly worthless on the large lander.  Second, it doesn't really pick up anything.  You have to attach a drill head to it to use it for digging or the winch.  Other than that the crane has no serious use I can find.

Normally the large lander is used to move from planet to planet.  I normally outfit it with a large storage which will accept 4 medium storage to pack resources (resin/compound usually) to initialize a new base.  Then a habitat which can be removed to start the new base.  And a 5th medium storage next to it with metal resources (aluminum and copper).

Here is a fly around of my typical loadout:

This carries sufficient resources to establish a new base head with Printer, Smelter, Vehicle bay modules and enough resources to craft a large rover and a 1-seat for it to get moving around easily.  Or you can use the aluminum to craft 2x medium wind vanes on planets where rovers are mostly useless (exotic for example).  Remaining compound can produce medium/small solar panels for power and initial tethers as needed to get established and make it easy to acquire additional resources in the new location.

My alternate loadout replaces 1 panel of compound and 1 panel of resin for 2 panels full of coal (16 total coal and 8x each of resin/compound).  And I add 2 aluminum to my backpack to create a trade platform.  Then I use the coal to trade for compound/resin (each coal is worth 8 compound/resin).  When using this loadout, the first base module I build is a trade platform.  Then I can get anything else, resource wise, I need from it to finish the base trading the coal for it.  For this you need a bare minimum of 4 resin to start.  2 are used to branch off the habitat and 2 to turn one of those into a large platform to convert to a trade platform.  The other 4 resin are used to add a printer platform and 1 more center node for holding solar panel/wind vane.  After that, you are golden.


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Op has a point though, lemme try my hand at sussing out how it needs to be said.

"If the Crane cannot be effectively used on the Shuttle or Spaceship/Large_Shuttle, due to those 'vehicles' functionally teleporting to and from fixed positions, then why are we allowed to place a crane (which practically requires mobility) on said Shuttle/Spaceship/Large_shuttle?"

I would have thought the crane would have been blocked long ago, if only to prevent the inevitable complaints from players who didn't realize it would be worthless on the shuttle.

(I lucked out on this front, as I started playing back when you started with the Shuttle Blueprint, and hadn't gotten a crane before learning how the shuttle worked.)
(I built one on a shuttle, on purpose, to teach a few friends exactly why that wouldn't help.)

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