Steam Patch Live on [beta] Branch. Please help test!

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On 12/25/2016 at 7:12 AM, GSRTrent said:

I can't find where to turn on BETA?

Right click on Astroneer in steam ----> Preferences ----> BETA tab

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25 minutes ago, liko2k said:

Right click on Astroneer in steam ----> Preferences ----> BETA tab

Thank you!  I was right clicking it on my desktop HAHA

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On 12/22/2016 at 7:25 AM, SES_Jacob said:

Hey Everyone!

I've just put a build live to the [beta] branch, which you can opt into with Right-Click-ASTRONEER, Properties, Betas.  As always, please only do this if you're willing to put up with things like broken save games and generally buggy behavior!

If you'd like to help us out, play in the beta branch and look for any new bugs that you are unable to find in on the live branch.  Please ONLY comment if you know for sure that you've found a bug that only exists in the new build (not just an already existing bug). If we're confident that we haven't broken anything big in the new build, and it is an overall improvement, we'll push this to the main branch!

Here's the list of things to look for in the new build!

  • Fix issue where resources hover out of backpack on loading save.
  • Allow the 2 backpack Expansion Slots to be used for Filters/Tanks/Tethers
  • Fix bug that would not allow a full Oxygen Tank to rescue an Astroneer from suffocating
  • Fix exploit the would allow players to trade for infinite resources by thieving them like a pirate after launching
  • Cut the value of Fuel in the trade module by half
  • Increase the amount of time a trade takes on the trade module
  • Double the power requirement and production time of the Condenser (Probably more we should do here to make it even less OP, will consider changing up the fuel mechanic in the future)
  • Fix most (if not all) of the cases where placing items on a storage on a truck would cause all kinds of flying physics behavior.
  • Fix bugs that would allow player to make building platforms even after the conduit hub has been branched
  • Change the Shuttle/Spaceship hub to be the same type as the habitat
  • Allow Shuttle/Spaceship to reattach to previously created hubs
  • Improve algorithm that picks the height of new base platforms, allowing for flatter bases
  • Fix creepy T-Pose corpses that everyone's been finding :)
  • Fix being able to pick up your own seat while seated inside
  • Fix being unable to leave an unattached seat
  • Add ability to get in a seat no matter where it is attached
  • Add ability to get in printed Habitats when they are attached to shuttle/rover
  • Fix bug on Habitat that would generate crazy flying terrain if attached to rover after save load
  • Fix the Popper Hazards spawning new research items on every save load.
  • Attempt at a fix for the joining client in MP games being unable to click launch buttons with mouse.
  • Fix for controller cursor disappearing on host when client joins
  • Fix for Inverted controls also applying to cursor motion

After we get on main, we'll migrate these notes to the Patch Megathread and archive this one.

And by the way, if you don't know me, I'm Jacob!  I lead up the design over here at System Era.  I'm starting to whittle down on all of my big buggy issues from launch and so I promise you I'll be starting in on more gameplay discussions here as we move into the phase of rebalancing existing content and adding new features. So please leave your requests/discussion of all that for elsewhere!  The faster you can help us test our [beta] branch builds, the faster we can keep growing the game!


Good day to you Jacob and SES Team,

I've gone ahead and have gone into the experimental mode. Within 20 minutes, I've experienced much better response from my system as far as the memory leak is concerned, however the amount of memory is being consumed is well beyond 3GB. This is being viewed on a 2560x1080p 29" ultra wide screen IPS from LG - 29UM65/67 - Titan X 12GB stock. I've been live streaming on twitch lately, and I'm quite impressed so far.

A few things that I have noticed thus far:

1. Tethers seem to disappear once putting them back into your inventory (full, or not)

2. Solar panels on the habitat itself do not provide power to other extended arms.

3. Running and jumping with any item within your "hand" is no longer achievable, which makes it much more difficult to get over terrain.

4. The smoothing tool is much better, however, there are instances of faces being left over after initial digging.

5. After creating the space shuttle in the vehicle bay, you're unable to move it. Especially if this is the only vehicle bay you have, and you have exhausted your 5 arm structure. (possibility to end arms even after structures are placed?)

6. Camera angles have gotten better, however the continuity of driving in one direction in a certain angle is quite annoying, and *very* frustrating when driving. Would be nice to have a camera lock - ie Arma 3 - is that even possible?

7. I've been able to duplicate the infinite tether line quite a bit of times now actually. 1 tether line between 2 tethers being quickly disconnected from the previous line provides an infinite amount of power, and oxygen. (Had to throw this one in!)

8. Home/Body/Vehicle icons need to be reworked. They disappear into the horizon, even when I'm staring directly at the objects from 1-500 meters away.

9. "Energy Gun" thing (what do you call it anyway? The Hoover?) depletes the *very* last resource collected when you move to another resource. Would be nice if the Hoover (I'm calling it!) drops the resources not completely collected, but depletes much faster.

10. Lastly, some of the "sliding" animations keep playing unnecessarily on almost all terrains.


I've gone ahead and attached my DxDiag - If you're interested in using my system to max the ever loving crap out of it, please by all means contact me.

Game on,


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