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Weird displacement bug after interplanetary travel

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So after jetting around the solar system a bit, I came back to my base on the moon and found that my buggy and carriage were missing. Odd, but then I noticed them floating above with a whole constellation of research items. And by constellation, I mean it - there were hundreds of the things. When I went to investigate and got closer, physics seemed to kick in, and a couple of the items dropped out of the sky. I was able to do the same with the buggy+carriage after building a tower up close to them (they were pretty far up).

The research items were all the red and green 'hairy' ones - none of the other types (eg. the brick or rock ones) seemed to move, and they seem spread around in a rough ring about the equator. I also did a bit of exploring underground, and the research items not on the surface were still there, so it's probably just the ones on the surface that were floating up.

Oh, and just remembered that I had a bunch of resources stored in a couple of depressions near my base. That was all missing when I got back, too.

(Steam, mouse+keyboard, latest version)




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