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First, this comes from a console perspective but I see no reason a keyboard hot-key couldn't be handled the same way.

What I would like is to be able to easily switch mods in and out of the top slot on the terrain tool.

My suggestion is do a mod wheel like ESO does their quick slot.

For example, if the hot key would be D-Pad UP, then holding it down brings up a wheel of mods you have available.  And you select one using the stick.  Now when you tap D-Pad UP it would mount that mod on the top of the terrain tool.  If anything was there, it goes whereever that other mod came from.  And it now becomes the D-Pad UP mod.

Tapping D-Pad UP again would then put the old mod back, and return whats there to inventory and again redefine the D-Pad UP.

This means D-Pad Up now becomes a quick swap.  Its use I see mainly with terrain analyzer and inhibitor.  PITA to swap these in and out having to drag crap around in the backpack.  A quick, defineable button press really would streamline the process significantly.


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