201 - XB1 - Game saves, GONE!


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201 - XB1 - Game saves, GONE!


Well, not good.  My game saves are gone.  Was playing a 3rd new game.  Then the game froze (stuttering audio) then eventually bailed back to dashboard.  Loaded the game up and after the (long) wait (left room while loading).   I was presented with a "Who are you" dialog.  I was a bit confused by it so I pressed (B) to exit.  Then I had no saves.  NONE.  Should have had 3.  So I exited back to dashboard.  Checked, yep, am signed in to live according to the dashboard.  Loaded astroneer again.  Again normal (not) long wait.  And... no saves.  Got nothing but memories, screen shots and vdeos.

XBox One

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