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0.3.10201.0 - Steam - Options

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201 - Steam - Main menu/options


I come to refer you a bug in the options that blocks my game if I try to save the changes. When I apply the changes it displays a gray screen to me I can not do any action besides making ESC. And this gray screen remains present despite that I make ESC then Main Menu.

I made a one-minute video to show you what it is. Attached files.




  • OS : Windows 7 x64
  • CPU : AMD FX-9590, 4,7Ghz
  • GPU : MSI R9 390X Gaming Edition 8GB
  • RAM : Corsair 2x8GB DDR3 1866Mhz
  • Drive : WD Black 2To



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Thanks for your report. We've not been able to reproduce this issue in the office. It's very likely it's an issue applying certain graphical settings when you hit the apply button, and since we can't reproduce it I suspect the issue is with your specific GPU hardware or driver.

Can you run "dxdiag" and send us the report? Thanks!

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