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The storm did today the most damage it could ever do. At the start i dug holes to store certain nuggets, to keep an overview and some order ;) Finally, when i was able to build i the small rover, i went searching for researchables around the base. then i noticed the storm was coming, i looked around and boy was i glad, it was about to pass by, but it went over my base. when i returned back to the base, well there was nothing left, well the base was still there, but all the nuggets from the holes were gone. looked like the storm sucked them entirely away. :| 

Vehicles - Rover / Truck

i mentioned in one of my postings before, the rover is way to under powered, when you connect a second rover without a storage module on it and put 2 researchables on it, the rover drives like a slug, low and slow. so tried not to put on the rover the big storage module, i feared that the rover becomes unmovable. on my 2nd game run, i collected resources and researchables till i got the big truck. first i drove around and the steering felt wrong, you must have changed something to it. it is hard to turn around or even make a small curve. well i tried to adapt to this weird behavior and then when i put the big storage onto it, the truck begun to behave like if it was on the moon. the more i put onto it, the more it felt like it defies more and more gravity on the starting planet. the truck skipped, launched like if i used a ramp, became more and more unstable. if you put on a truck a big storage module and put 4 researchables on it, the truck feels like it will start any second up into space. 


Well they simply float around, sometimes, sometimes less. that is annoying and weird at the same time. it does not matter if you are on the surface or deep underground. one time i placed a few nuggets on the same spot, moved away and when i returned, the were scattered all over the tunnel, some on top, some on the wall and some just in midair.


first the become a dangerous obstacle, when you drive to close to them, they tip over, when the ground is edited by you, but when you hit them with the rover or the truck they stop you instantly or tip the vehicle over. requires now wider corridors/tunnels to be dug or to put the tethers on the side wall or the top of the tunnel. 


The research feels like in one of the prior patches. it does not matter, i always got the most useless researches at start. just happy to have build the research station and found my first item and what do i get, the big shuttle, then the small shuttle, tons of filters, the open 3 seat, the closed 3 seat etc. the augmentations are the hardest to get, today after 3 hours play, i was only the research the new augment, the others i have not seen since patch 198, possible coincidence but at the moment i live, build and explore without them. :|


today i accidentally repeated the crash situation. when your big truck is fully loaded and the front and the back is a researchable connected and you drive near any build base item, in the moment you get in range for the connection of the vehicle with base object, the item not only falls off, the game crashes, especially when you have a found seat connect to the front. this also can be repeated sometime, when 2 trucks are towed together and you try to connect anything to the free place and the item snaps to one or the two places were the trucks are towed together. 


the habitat on the truck on the big storage module they do not fit, well yes you can connect them, but in the moment you do, the truck does a lift off or bounces around like a rodeo horse. 

Control of the Astroneer

the issue here is the same like with the rover truck, sometimes it is hard to simply turn around. also there is this funny 360° turn. sometimes for some unknown reason the camera makes a twist and turn instantly 360° which quite annoying. for example, i try to move forward and suddenly this turn happens, when camera has returned to its correct position your Astroneer is facing the opposite direction and then you have to fight again with the controls to get your Astroneer back into the direction you intended.

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Vehicles vs Storm/Slopes

When you sit either in the rover or the truck the storm moves your vehicles, even when you simply try to sit the storm out. in the moment you leave the vehicle and take cover in a manhole the vehicle stand like a rock, not moving in any direction. same happens, when you stand on a slope, when you sit in the vehicle it roles downwards, in the moment you leave it, it stops moving totally.

Tipped over

When the rover or the truck tipped over and you try to turn it back again, the vehicle behaves differently. For example, i overlooked a resign field and the truck tipped over, i tried to move it back, but it made a 360° turn like a driver and lands back on its back. on compound it makes a 90° turn and you have to try again. looks like the terrain effects the try of turning.

Terrain - especially stones (i hate stones ;) )

yes the game auto generates the terrain, but it is quite annoying, when you clear the terrain around your base or when you build a slope, do something else and after the storm or even nothing stones and vegetation start to reappear on the formerly cleared land or newly created slope. same goes for the alien plant life. you clear the path, move to another location or save the game and when you return or reload the savegame the keep coming back. happened to me on the moon twice. i cleared a tunnel, so that i don't get killed by those mushroom things, moved deeper and on my way back to the surface i died because one them simply grow back, but this time few inches below the slope i build and till i found it and removed it again, it scored against me 2 times.

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Ignoring the vehicle issues for now since there's a fair number of widespread and well-documented ones:



I've occasionally had research items stuck hovering midair as well.  In update 200, this seemed to happen if I grabbed them the moment I freed them from encasing terrain, but it seemed like it fixed itself if I attached it (e.g. to a vehicle) and then detached it again.  In 201 it is persistent.

Storing things loose and not attached to anything is not a particularly recommended strategy, quirkiness or not.  Medium/large storage can help with storage needs once you can produce it.



I also dislike how I now collide with tethers, particularly while in vehicles.  It was this way many many builds ago and and removal of tether collision was one of my favorite updates.

I do like that they otherwise now interact with physics rather than hovering awkwardly midair.  I don't like how digging anywhere near a tether has a high likelihood of knocking it over.

Maybe these can be done in such a way where they're embedded at least partially into the rock (so a small change won't knock them loose, but they also won't be left hovering) and they don't collide with players or vehicles.  



Research is currently random (though there's some categorization scheme -- I only get dynamite and mods from 'man-made' research objects for instance).  This does mean there's a current issue where it's possible to be unable to research a shuttle or large shuttle on the first planet and thus you'll be stuck.  SES is looking at this (according to one of the posts somewhere) and I believe toying with the idea of an actual tech tree with points and such.



It seems like habitats have an exceptionally high weight that does very strange things to vehicle physics.  This has been the case since at least update 200 (the last time I tried to move a hab via truck)


The rest: 

I've also seen the 360 degree camera spin issue.  I have also -- after a crash -- had a weird overlap between modified and unmodified terrain (including mined-out resources respawning and portions of my base being buried), so I've seen the terrain issue once or twice as well.


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