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Can you guys look into hotkeying augments for the terrain tool?  I'd like to be able to turn off an augment with the press of a button instead of having to go into the backpack everytime pulling it off and putting back on when finished.  I use it a ton with the inhibitor and when running into gas pods in caves I hate having to switch back and forth.  Can possibly assign to numbers? 

Thanks for all you do!  Love the game!

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Second this.  I've been wanting this as a feature since I started playing the game again two weeks ago.

In fact, I think the way to go would be ditching augments-as-items entirely and instead have it entirely via hotkeys once unlocked -- or have them be something that still needs to be crafted but is permanently added to your terrain tool once attached (i.e. not consuming a limited attachment slot).  There's a few different things I can see being able to cycle between:

1. Effect size (toggle normal/narrow/wide)

2. Effect type (normal, inhibited, aligned-to-planet, etc.)

3. Terrain type (based on collected samples via terrain analyzer)

And, to go a bit out-of-scope for this suggestion but something that'd make sense to add at the same time: a modifier of sorts:

  • Normal terrain actions as they are now
  • "Minimum" and "Maximum" modes, which only perform the terrain deformation if it'd lower or raise the altitude.  This would let you smoothly combine two ramps at different angles together, for instance, or flatten the floor of a cave without digging into its walls at the edges
  • "Closer" or "Further" modes, like Min/Max but based on distance from player rather than elevation.





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  • 2 years later...

Having a hotkey for inhibitor mod would be great. Also without clear indication of mod state (near mouse cursor) there can be two hotkeys: for on and off.

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I tried to describe my vision of hotkeying terrain tool mods. And that's what I've got:

  • The main reason for new hotkeys is sculpting. Hotkey for ingibitor mod is nice to have, but when I build, I woud like to focus on design, not on fighting with controls. That's whrere good hotkeys are essential.
  • In creative mode you change tool behavior in R menu, where you can change the brush size and deformation speed. But it's not perfect. I do not want to press R, then moving mouse, thinking about desirable setting value. It's easy to imagine how to change brush size without even knowing about it's numerical representation or which mod you need for it. Just scroll the mouse wheel with some keyboard modifier (or analog stick). Deformation speed has obvious feedback and if you missed desired level then adjust it again. That is more easier, than entering menu... trying value... nope... entering again... nope... again... Or even swapping mods, when inventory is full of soil canisters.
  • Hotkeying synergies with "true flat". I need an ability to adjust not only brush plane (Flatten Mode), but also brush angle, using some reference in the world. For me it would be perfect if I can copy/paste angle and relative position to align different parts of my project. Voxel grid can be this kind of standard. It would be great to have ability to make the grid visible with hotkey; automatically align the brush with the grid under different angles (45°, 54.7°, etc).
  • Astroneer can and definetely will beat minecraft in terms of creativity right after an intuitive and responsive UI brings the creativity in survival mode.
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