SES Vlog 017: #LIT Plumb Lines & Controls/Tether Updates

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Wait... Did I hear that properly? Not only are we going to continue to lose our Beacon flag in the clouds so we can't even see them anymore, but the now nearly invisible plumb lines that USED to at least make SEEING where the flag is supposed to be, possible...was intentional?? They WANT us to be completely unable to gain ANY benefit from our Beacons??

Gods. This has been the BANE of my existence in-game. I set a Beacon, so I can track where I came from, then continue my quest for Resin... I look back WELL before the Beacon should be below the horizon and...wait. Where's my DAMN BEACON?!? Start driving back the way I came, finally notice it IS well above the horizon... stuffed right into a cloud. And the damn plumb-line, now being hair-thin and practically invisible, does NOTHING to help me locate where the damn FLAG is!!

Why?? Why do they want to make Beacons totally worthless?? I don't get it. It's already tough to remember to drop one before you lose sight of your base, but to make it pointless to have the colorful flag at the top since it's going to disappear into a cloud that will never move, AND to INTENTIONALLY make the plumb-line almost invisible?? On PURPOSE? ...why? Why do they want this? Please explain this to me... I'm completely lost here...and if I had to depend on my Beacons to find my way back, I'd be lost forever...

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