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199 - Steam - No Resolution Options in window mode

I am operating an eyefinity System. Since the game does not support the eyefinity Resolution I used to play in window mode with 1080p on one of three Monitors. This worked fine in history. Now there is no Option for the Resolution in window mode. The game allways uses the System Resolution (5760x1080), which leads to the same Problem as in normal mode: The Pictures Proportion is not dynamic so the upper and lower Areas are out of view.

Top Menu in windowed mode:



Version / Build Number: 


  • OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 1703 (15063.540)
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
  • GPU: HIS HD 7990 3GB
  • RAM: Corsair 4x8GB DDR3 2333MHz 
  • Drive: WD 3TB SATA3
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