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Hey it's me again! Veltox.


So I was playing the game and I found some research stones. So I traveled to my base but while I traveled to my base a storm was coming, WHICH killed me. But I was still holding the research stone. I spawned again in my pod and I had the research stone with me.



How this bug works:

Pick up a research stone (Which can be found in caves) go back to the surface and wait for a storm to come. And let yourself die by the blocks that will fly around you. Once you died keep your Research Stone Equipped and wait until you'll spawn. There you have it. The Research Stone is still in your hands and you can still use it.

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I had a similar occurrence, but I was standing on top of a satellite and die from lack of oxygen. Some of the components around the satellite spawn with me back at the base and I am standing on top of them, but they are floating in the air. Picture below are the components that spawned with me.


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