Chris Lynch

Patch 200 Crashing and swimming

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More frequent crashing in patch 200.  Crashes to desktop.  I think a common denominator is activating the terrain tool.  Restarting from a crash like this puts the player back in the game standing outside the habitat as if they have died.  The save files are not exactly unplayable as you can come back from the crash, but you won't get far before it happens again.  Ran into a  bug on a large shuttle where the door of the shuttle is facing into the middle of a large storage attachment on top of the large shuttle and lets the player out in the middle of the large storage piece causing the player to "swim" while trapped.  No way out.  Also, being trapped after exiting a vehicle with something attached to the front of the vehicle causes player to become temporarily trapped between the vehicle and the object.  Player begins swimming for a few seconds and then dies.

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