Vehicles glitching half way into the ground after flying back to home planet

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Hello there,
this is my first bug report here so feel free to ask for additional information.

To stick with the rules, first up some basic info:
I'm playing on Steam with mouse/keyboard on max. range view.

Now, what is my concern?
After my first successful moon flight I came back home for some resin. My homebase is usually surrounded by plenty of vehicles.
What I saw, when I landed was rather amusing. All vehicles were ether gone or glitching half way through the ground, meaning that the two front wheels were underground and the whole truck was jumping around half way in the floor. Only two vehicles of around six were left in that state. I am assuming the rest is glitching around underground  somewhere. 

I had the same problem when filling in some land around me and i accidentally filled the spot directly under me. My feet sank into the ground and I found me flying/glitching around two meters underground. I solved the problem by taking the fill/extracting tool and found a small hole in the ground. By staying near it I was able to dig myself back up and out.

Same method worked on one of the two remaining trucks. by first digging deep near the truck I then dug free the lower two wheels. It popped right out. The second truck is to close to a basepart, to be dug out.

Hope, you are aware of this bug or now after knowing it will soon find a way to fix it! Great game, keep it up!!


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