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6 minutes ago, Sy1v said:

Yea, I've been having the same issues and made a post earlier:

@Veltox If you're able to upload your savegame, i can try to replicate your test and post my results. I am using a 5820k OC'd to 4.5ghz and a 1080 OC'd to 2000+mhz.

6800k here. Expand your cpu details you'll see that as the host ( im still testing sp ) One single core is maxed out compared to the rest.

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15 minutes ago, Voodoo said:

6800k here. Expand your cpu details you'll see that as the host ( im still testing sp ) One single core is maxed out compared to the rest.


I do see that the first thread is being used the most but it max'd out @ 77%. That may have been during loading so i reset and eventually it hit 64% max and now sitting at an avg of 50%

Max Threads % Usage going 1/2/3/......:

64/27/45/30/42/58/39/42/42/38/38/45 .  These may be due to other programs in the background but regardless, CPU can't be the bottleneck.

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So far ive tested the 6700k, 6800k, 4690k and the i5 2500k. 

As host it always ends up maxing out and losing fps.

However when solo I also get the same issue of fps dropping but neither cpu or gpu are being used fully.

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I promise you it has nothing to do with the processor. Look at each thread usage now with Overwatch (another game) running in the background:


 Notice the GPU % hasn't even hit 99 and the frequency as at the CORRECT boost clock. The FPS does seem lower but that's only when i took the image, that's the norm at this point. RAM, however, never seems to exceed 2GB which honestly sounds concerning.

8 minutes ago, LiaNdrY said:

This game need dedicated server. FPS drops otherwise the host can not be avoided.

On Minecraft, a dedicated server hosting 1-3 players requires 2GB of ram, 3-5 players would require 3GB. I only barely hit 2GB and it reverts to 1.5GB once it tries to pass 2.1GB. I know this isn't Minecraft or Java (Closest thing i can think of that is somewhat similar to this) but if a dedicated server needs 2GB for 1-3 people, shouldn't we allocated more memory? I still need to see the memory usage as a guest on friend's world because if it's roughly similar, we may have found the "Bottleneck."

Edit: They do want to implement dedicated servers though

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See Edit: (Last line)

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That seems like you are having a boost clock issue. If you need another game open in the back then its most likely a driver issue. 

Mine are at full clock speed the whole time, 80% usage with 120fps at 1440p. Then as more objects are placed gpu usage lowers and lowers.

Core 12 100% usage. Astro-Win64-Shipping_2016_12_22_21_38_20_403.bmp

* one gpu is at its full clock speed as no sli

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I noticed the same thing happening but only recently, so before a few days ago I could play the game normally and then it suddenly started to lag extremely hard. First I had problems with the trucks and big storage systems where the truck would jump and fly off on it's own, that seems to be gone now but the lag makes it impossible to play the game unfortunatly :(

I've read through this forum topic already and I have to say that my conclusions are the same. 1 CPU core gets fully loaded while all the rest remain fairly untouched. I think I will wait now till there is an update available for the game because it fucks me up to much :)

My system specs are in the attachements but the game is installed on the M2 SSD 950 Pro.

I hope an update comes out quickly because I already love this game.




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@Voodoo I would agree it was a driver issue if I was never getting a boost clock in all games. in 109, i was able to get the boost clock w/o running a different game, now I can't in 111. What are your full specs (Frequencies included). Also, you're getting no performance boost running at that clock anyway since it's apparent it won't help. I can exit overwatch, keep the boost clock and still use only 30% of the GPU and no FPS change.

When I get home, I'll check the save game and we can compare our core usage, I'll try to replicate yours and the OP's placements. Regardless, I doubt it has anything to do with the game only using 1 thread. If it really was the case, then I should not have the same exact FPS as you guys since im using much less on my CPU1 thread.

If you guys can check Task manager and watch the memory allocation, that would be great. Compare usage on SP, Hosting (have the friend go far away) and being a guest (also go far away). I will be testing this when I get home as well. What I'm looking for is if memory allocation ever passes 2gb. If it doesn't, I honestly believe that's the issue and we should have the ability to allocate more memory like we can for Minecraft. If anyone has experienced playing it towards the beginning, we needed to allocate more memory because we were maxing out so quickly

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Okay. So I've got at least some good news but first the differences. The following images are on version

Voodoo's Screen shots and usage vs mine:



Here we see that Thread1 is not being stressed out.

Now Veltox vs mine:

Fuel Condenser : 


Trading Platform:





Now for the good(ish) news. As I mentioned before, the game was never using more than 2.1gb of memory, I decided to assign a heapsize of 8gb to try and force it to use more, and it did! But not as much as one may think, instead it allocates the following way: Shoots close to 1.8gb and begins to rise until 2.8gb and then falls down to 2.1gb (instead of the 1.0 -> 2.1 -> 1.5). The unfortunate part is it didn't improve the FPS to go back to 62.

So what did this do and why is it good news?

Although it has not risen the FPS to what we want, it is not choppy at all. It is a whole lot more playable when driving around instead of dipping down all the time. This temporary fix should keep us able to play until they find what the issue is

Sounds great, how do I do this to try for myself?

1) Go to your steam library and right click Astroneer -> Properties -> Set launch options.

2) The following is depending on how much RAM you have for your computer (we want to use half of what the computer offers so anything under 4gb may not see any benefit. This may be overkill for some rigs but lets face it, you're not using all of it, right?):


-heapsize 16777216


-heapsize 8388608


-heapsize 4194304

3) After you choose which heapsize you need (half of your rig's memory size), press okay and launch the game.

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