SES Vlog 015: New Power System, Pax West & Packages

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Ou yeah! I very like the power-idea.

Reminds me of some of the concepts of the sim-city series: taking care of a system distributed over a certain area. A possible scenario might be:

  • Have a base camp ...
  • ... place smelter/research pod bit away where the resources can be found ...
  • ... place your "sediment digging area" away from the base and production site ...
  • ... and set up a wind/solar plant on a nearby mountain to be able to do your business!

Further extensions might be a place to dump waste, separate "environmental unfriendly" production from your home base, or even better, far away from your organic production domes (reduced productivity if in smoggy/radiated/dirty areas), and so far, and so on! Cool, quite like the idea as it might open the door to some new and very interesting features and extensions!

Go on chaps and gals!

PS: shirts are cool, but the logo is way too big for me, I'd prefer a bit more of understatement ;)

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