Bugged Flying Truck


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So my truck fell into a hole and when I was trying to dig it out it started to float a little bit, so I started recording my game-play and it ended with me having a flying truck. There is a longer version with me trying to get the truck down from the sky and a shorter version just showing how it all happened. Towards the end of the longer video it looks like the truck is interacting with the clouds. It should be about 16 min into the longer video.



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Screenshot 2016-12-21 12.05.28.png

i have a flying truck as well. it happened after building a huge cave base on the moon. And another thing: all these red and green things you can see are research pods...the whole sky is full of it, but you cant reach them as they are out of the building limit (ive reached the building limit level behind me). //playing on steam

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