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Hi guys,
unfortunately the game has not yet the possibility to save different stages of the game (different savegames).
And it automatically saves and overwrites the only status when I exit with ESC, not only when entering a vehicle.
In combination with no undo function that renders it almost unplayable for me. After several hours game,
any game-stopper-error occurs and I have to begin from scratch. Happened already two times.

help through self-help - is there a way to backup the current savedgames?
For example just backup a folder or some files before gamestart and I would be happy.
Would be great!

PS: I have the PC Steam Version of the game on Windows 10 64Bit

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Hi Jonny

This is quite easy to do, so I can help

The savefiles are located in %localappdata%\Astro\Saved  (just copy and paste the whole lot).

You can create a batchfile to automatically back it up somewhere, and you just run that before you launch the game

robocopy " %localappdata%\Astro\" "<INSERT YOUR TARGET FOLDER HERE>" /MIR

Then you save it as a .bat file.

For instance, mine would be:

robocopy %localappdata%\Astro "C:\Users\johndoe\Box Sync\Games\Astroneer" /MIR

..as I use Box for Cloud storage- this enables me to use it on another PC.

Hope this helps





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Thx a lot MadiraNofo! That will help and improve a lot!
Will autmate that in the batch - first create the backup, then start the game.
Icon from the original to the batch - et voila ;-)

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