Difficulty Setting? Damage / Mechanic Station

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Just another thought I had as I waited out the latest storm in my hab. Perhaps a difficulty setting could be developed where your base and vehicles take damage in a storm? The damage would be fixable with resources at a Mechanic Station? Also maybe maintenance would be necessary on a difficult setting or your base would not be as efficient?

Also the hab door is closed normally, yet when I get in it to ride out a storm it is open, I think this should be the opposite. It should be closed when I am inside the hab. I was even killed riding out a storm inside my shuttle when I was doing some exploring... I guess I took a direct hit to the head by debris! It sucked because my backpack was loaded and there was no way to recover the items because I was in the shuttle, the "X icon" that denoted the location of my fallen Astroneer pointed directly into the shuttle... that was no help, I could not get anything out of there. Another reason the door should be closed during the storm/when your Astroneer is inside!

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Good idea. Perhaps the damage to vehicles could be less battery capacity till you fix it.  Base pods could charge power slower the more they are damaged.

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