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Some Multiplayer( Co-op) Issues I have encountered so far, and some suggestions

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Okay, so I just bought this game today along with three of my friends. Immediately, we dove right in. The game is awesome; it is beyond creative and the effort and thought put into making this game is evident.Although very impressive and fun, there are issues with the game. So far the issues I have encountered have been with attempting to join the games of my friends. Initially, when all of my friends and I all joined one game, there were no issues. But, after a few of us left and then tried to join back, we realized that, a lot of the time, the option to "join game" in steam is not available, for whatever reason. Not being able to join the game was frustrating, and there was no obvious solution to this problem. I found that when all of us launched the game at the same time and then one of us launched the game we were able to join, but if we all joined and then one left and tried to rejoin, he would not be successful and then all other attempts to rejoin would be unsuccessful as well.  

Aside from this Co-op joining issue, I find it odd that there is no "exit game" button on the main screen. In order to close the game (which I've had to do quite a lot while attempting to find a solution to the before-mentioned joining game issue) I have to tab out and directly close the game. This isn't too big of a problem, but in the future I personally would like to see a exit game button.

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Dont know if I should start a new thread for this but here goes.

After the newest update my friend and I tested multiplayer again.  he is running an AMD cpu and gpu, and single player works decently for him today.

I am running a Intel i7 cpu and dual Nvidia 860m's (alienware 18) no major stability issues in single player or multiplayer.

my friend's game keeps crashing when he tries to join my game.  he was finally able to join for about a min and then crashed out again.  crash* fully to desktop everytime

before this last update him joining me would cause both of us to crash so good improvement there as I no longer crash.

also thankyou for this update.  I can now play on my gaming desktop (Intel i5 -Dual Core and Nvidia 1050Ti)



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