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What seems to be dropping my fps is structures and rendering

I have been hearing tethers and buildings cause lower fps obviously THEY DO but I believe rendering is the issue . So I walked around the entire planet pretty much and it doesn't remove non-viewable items even if not in render distance causing low fps which is not fixed when restarted or render distance changed. My fps got lower and lower as i explored more. I explored the map with tethers. So I can understand why people might think tethers are causing this.


I noticed that structures and animated wind turbines and all types of structures in large amounts lower your fps a good deal as well

I did 2 Tests on different worlds but the same planets

I placed 50 tethers in a small radius and my frames dropped maybe 3fps did not render chunks

I placed a bunch of random buildings and Found they do make fps drop by about 10

I placed 50 maxed tethers going north and my frames dropped significantly it rendered many new chunks

I walked the same length as the 50 tethers on a new world and there was no difference in fps from the tether length test

Not the most in depth test but I believe its 90% rendering issues and maybe 10% structures.Obviously the game isn't optimized and that would help



GTX 1060 6GB MSI GAMING OC to 1705 mhz

I5 6600k 4.3 OC Unparked


Here are some odd fixes that sometimes Improve FPS

Right click astroneer>properties>set launch options -nosound works for like 70% of people in improving framerates but you will play with no sound.

Playback devices select your speakers change down to 44100 CD I read somewhere that it helps if it doesn't turn it back up to 48000 etc

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i can confirm the tether FPS drop ... i placed aprox 200 towards the center of the planet digging a tunnel ... and my fps dropped to 15. when i disconnected the chain of tethers .. it went to 40 FPS again... so the problem might be there for different reasons. 

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16 minutes ago, Golden Guardian said:

What about xbox?


Unfortunately we do not know a way to improve the FPS for the Xbox :(

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1 hour ago, DeLorean said:

It's horrible in xbox, sometimes at 2-5 fps. We need a update because we cant play.

I'm with you there, I had to put the game on hold until the patch because I can't bear it any longer. I think the OP is on to something with the structure/rendering though. If you start a new game it's smooth, but the more you're build and explore the worse it gets.

My first base had tons of tethers as I didn't have the trade platform yet and the fps was fine. I made based on 3 other planets without any tethers are the more I built the worse it got. It also was worse on every new planet.  

I think the game constantly renders everything you've built/explored, even other planets if you've been on them, so the performance just gets worse and worse.

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  • 2 weeks later...

i start with 50-60 fps but when i place a few tethers and explore a bit and make scructuresit is like 40-50

But i found something:
If i stand still and look around it is solid 60 fps, but when i move a bit it is down again to 40-50 fps.
Still searching for a solution.



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Yeah. If we could modify the rendering and/or the quality of the objects it would be nice. It's an amazing game, it makes you want to play even more! Keep it up devs, you're on the right path.

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