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Ideas fpsituations habitats

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Exploration is dirty, ish. The tools don't do all the work, engineer. The start game capsule, dubbed a habitat, should be a more vital piece, I mean, co2 scrubbers be hailed!.. like, you launch from that space station, floaty vector perspectival speed shifting falling to the planet in third person, to when the atmosphere penatration causes the HUD zoom, and the habitats readouts are there,buttons and stuff. Scrubber co2 levels, speed, temperature, maybe manual steering for capsules, but ships use plotted computer courses where when being executed the HUD auto closes, showing the 3teir zoom of the third person perspective, able to re-toggle to manipulate filtering, possible thrusters for hardpoint solar panels on ships and dreamy stations. I think it would add a whole new level of emersion to the game.



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