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I play on steam.

I built a vehicle bay, then built a rover and parked it elsewhere so I could build a large shuttle. After I built the large shuttle, I browsed through the attachments available. But once l flipped pass the seat options, I could never go back to the seats. The attachment option was stuck on large storage. I thought oh well this shuttle is useless now because I could no longer put a seat on it. So I built another vehicle bay and another large shuttle on it. This time I remembered to build a seat first and I was able to fly off to another location on the starting planet. Things were working fine, I built two platforms off of the umbilical spots on the large shuttle. But once I flew off to other locations, the large shuttle always floats just above the ground, and I can no longer build a new base off of it.

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Yeah I noticed my large shuttle was floating off the ground as well. I also got stuck on the Tundra planet because it doesn't let me launch. I don't know if the floating thing has anything to do with it, but it might.

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