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Make the 25%oxygen breathing audio normal

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Remove the heavy bass heartbeat during the low o2 audio and apply it to walking around normally. Keep heartbeat for when you get low as the reminder. The audio got stuck while exiting to menu and i was thinking itd be cool to have the darthvader style breathing effect while exploring. I are in a space suit. And i think itd make the game a lil more immersive

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15 hours ago, Sean McIntire said:

Bump allowed?

I'd suggest not to, if everyone to do that, it would accomplish nothing but spam.

As for your idea, I can see this making the game more realistic, however, this isn't quite the goal (AFAIK). Astroneer is not a simulator, if it would be, we'd have a first person view which gives us the immersion of actually being inside the suit, as well as the proper sounds along with that.
The only example for that which comes into my mind is Star Citizen. That one certainly is this realistic in that regard, however, you can't apply this realism that well to Astroneer. It would shift the focus from "relaxed exploration" to "remember you're on your own here". Simply put, it probably would become pretty annoying over time.

Possible exception: The breathing sounds remain faint while standing still and only increase while walking/sprinting.

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