[PC/Steam] Crash on loading save/Applying options changes.

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When we were in patch 196, I wanted to play but the game was always crashing when trying to change somes settings or load a saved game. This morning I saw a new update on steam for Astroneer and I was happy, saying to myself "They probably solved the problem ! I'll be able to play again !". But the problem still there and I'm still sad.

Why System Era :'(?

Here some logs. Hope you'll fix the problem because I don't seem to be the only player in this case.

P.S: Sorry for my French English.

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Coucou manelGad,

j'ai le même souci "An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Astro"

Win10 à jour / i7 7700K / GTX 1070 avec les derniers pilotes / 16 Go DDR4

J'ai installé/désinstallé, utilisé les "problèmes de compatibilité" mais rien n'y fait : si je modifie les options, le jeu crashe ; si je reprends une partie, le jeu crashe...

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