How to find your way in caves?

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I am new to this forum, actually i am new to forums. I don't usually take place in a games development but hack! I love this game.

I only have 20+ game hours, so instead of making a suggestion on navigation I would first like to ask people about my problem maybe i am missing something after all :)

Navigating in caves

Sometimes (almost always) I dig through a cave in almost 10 - 15 entrances. The bad thing about is that I get lost a lot in those caves and forgetting which thether was leading me to the exit where i left my vehicles. (Thethers everywhere!)

Is there a way I can mark my exits but not without beacons? (Waste of resources and there are limited colours) 


I kind of find navigation in the game a bit hard, since beacons are the only way to navigate except compass. Is there something i am missing? I mean like colorful thethers or placing high landmarks or etc.


Thank you all in advance. :) 

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Some good suggestions have been made in another thread here:

What I am using to (at least try) not to loose orientation :)

  • Tethers, tethers, tethers :)
  • Always place tethers on the right (or left) hand side to know in which direction you have to walk.
  • Create arrows, fingers, or hands pointing towards your base.
  • Use the terrain analyzer feature to draw color lines on the floor of your main path.
  • Try not go get lost *g*


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I use the same approach than when playing Minecraft in caves. Just with tethers instead of torches.
I place tethers near one side of the tunnel walls (left or right, but always the same),
so I always know I will come back to the entrance when I follow a path where the tethers are aligned on the other side than
the one I placed them when going deeper.

Out of habit, I place them left when going in and keep them right of me for finding the exit again.

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Aside from always placing tethers on the right (or left) hand side of the wall and using the deforming tool to make arrows, you can also use oxygen/power stacks as breadcrumbs (they glow in the dark and are easily seen from a distance, especially when placed ontop a short pedestal).

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