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Tether is attaching to Terrain Analizer Augment

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I was holding Shift while grabing a Tether line (Cordões) and I had two of those Terrain Analizer (Analizador de Terreno) in my back pack, And because my backpack was full, the tether attatched to the Terrain analizer modificating its colour and name to White and Tether (Cordões) respectively as you can see on the Screen Shots.
The Terrain Analizer (analizador de terreno) is Working as it should, only on the gray surfaces as the color indicates after the "attatchment".
I tryed to reproduce this in video, but it hapened once only sadly.....

I want to sorry for my english, I`m from Brasil I`ll be posting the bugs I find.

Analizador de terreno.png

Cordões Analizadores de terreno.png



I forgot this:




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