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I imagine this is already planned as it is common in most games but I thought I should suggest just incase because it would be cool

Currently in ASTRONEER on XBOX ONE you are given a choice between 4 different characters which is good so that all players get a different look but I thought it would be really cool if a more in depth customization was added which aloud you to, for example, change the helmet between a bunch of presets and the chest between presets and the legs between presets and possibley even things like the backpack, different arms, different guns and maybe even sort of accesories to allow you to spice up your character and make him perfect to you and unique...

I also had a thought that it would be cool to be able to change how the characters suit looked (head, chest, legs, arms etc.) as you go through the game whenever you want with some sort of construct that allows you to build different (heads, chests, legs, arms etc.) so that you can change your character but its not like you can just do it whenever you feel like it you have to use some resources and then it adds an extra goal and fun touch to the game...

Also being able to do things like symbols on the suit and marks (Like paint or scratches or something) would also be really cool because then you could have your emblem on your character or a cool symbol and it just makes it extra cool for your characters look...

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I wouldn't care about the inital presets personally. But being able to build suit customization would be cool. Especally if it changed the way they looked originally. 


For EXAMPLE but im sure its probably somewhere in these forums: 


Printer or new suit printer base building that can build new suits for different purposes. If they ever took the equipment slots and put em on the helmet. They could have at least 3 tiers of suit options(the main suit, helmet and terrain tool)

Helmet: could give different walking speeds for more/less equipment slots. Or take an equipment slot and give a gun augment slot(questionable tactic for a gun augment option)

The suit options could be simple: like less storage for more equipment slots. And vise versa

Different lighting options(say a suit that makes green light vs white or blue light) tho that could just as easily apply to the helmet options.

Or even suit that give a sort of ability bonus for a short period of time at a risk cost. Like...increase speed at the risk of losing movment ability after for a short period. Or...increased mining tool efficiency at the cost of...%chance to kill your power supply completly before use(lets say its an.."experimental technology" or at the risk of breaking an augment tool...something along those lines.


You could do the same with the legs/boots..but i find no it would just be for a advantage boost..what would we have boots do minus..some sort of boost..not like we use em for anything except walking lol. Make make em have some light options..but thats all i can think of.

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