Partially filled resources take up slot on storage on truck and can't be moved.

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I attached a drill to a crane to a large storage on a truck trailer (I have one truck as a trailer attached to another truck).  After using the drill to mine resources I noticed that on the storage on the truck there were slots with partially filled resources (looks like "organic"). I can't move these partially filled resources on the storage. I tried doing some more drilling to see if I could fill them up, but that doesn't work either. I don't have a screenshot because that save is now unplayable due to another bug.

Steam version

Windows 10


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I have the same problem. I've attached a screenshot of the issue of a partially filled stack of resources in the smelter (and also floating resources but that's another topic :P )

My pc specs are:

Laptop: MSI GE60 2QD Apache

OS: Windows 8.1

GPU: Nvidia GTX950M

CPU: I7-4720HQ @2.60HZ



Bug report ASTRONEER.jpg

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On 12/20/2016 at 7:27 PM, Sumatra said:

had the same issues, here's how to fix it:

invite someone to your game he'll be able to take off the items

Can anyone confirm this? If so great! I need to make friends thou.

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I just figured out what it is. I'm a dignus. There is a generator hidden behind the thing that says "organic." It's really hard to see and you have to move your mouse to a very specific spot in order to select the small generator. I wouldn't call it a bug, just some needed UI refining

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