Bob McLaren

Xbox Play Anywhere Cloud Sync No Longer Working

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So this is the first Play Anywhere game I have owned and the first time I fired it up on my Win 10 PC I was amazed to see how well everything worked and it had loaded up the same game that I was playing earlier that day on my console.  I was so excited in fact, that I went out and bought a new video card and power supply just so I could play this game at high FPS on my PC.

Sadly, now that I have gone through all that work and expense, for some reason the cloud sync functionality is no longer working for me.  I have separate saved games on my PC and console now.  I tried resetting the data on the PC side, and that erased my PC saved games, but it has not loaded the cloud saved games from the console.  Is there any way I can get my console save back in sync and loaded on my PC?  I have invested a lot of time on my base and would hate to have to start over.


I reached out to Xbox support.  They had me try a number of things:

  1. Reset data (from Apps & features) 
  2. Remove and Re-Add my XBL account to the Xbox console
  3. Re-install the game on my PC

Unfortunately, none of this has helped, and they recommend "reaching out to Publisher support".  So here I am.

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same here, the game is not syncing its saves. It used to display a sync bar, like with other Xbox games.Not Anymore

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same here! Sync between devices stopped working several weeks ago. Very frustrating because I play on 3 devices (XBox, Desktop, Convertible). 

To give some more Infos: the progressbar syncing the savegame at the beginning is totally missing. 

Now I have completly different savegames on my devices.

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