When placing new platforms, they will not stay where they are placed

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So, I started a new game and was attempting to set up my platforms in an organized manner. I wanted to keep them along the North and South directions on each side of my pod in lines. However, when clicking on the last placed platform starter to set a new one, it will come out to where I want it initially, but then it will move, either before I place the resin in it to build it, or as it's being built. Making building my base in an organized manner completely impossible. 

I am using mouse and keyboard and my game is through Steam. I am on Windows 10 with all latest updates installed. The game is up to date as well. 

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Ugh, having this problem too.    At first i thought it might just be trying to jump in my direction, but it turns out to seem like it randomly jumps in whatever direction it wants.  The angle it's off is generally thirty to forty-five degrees off where i intend it to go.  Same basic info as Cellianis, Win10, game version 0.3.10196.0

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